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Posted by on Feb 9, 2011 in International, Law, Places, Politics, War | 0 comments

Pakistan Courts Must Prosecute American ‘Killer’ Raymond Davis: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Is he an American citizen who shot two Pakistanis to death in cold blood, or an American official with diplomatic immunity who shot and killed two men attempting to rob him?

The story hasn’t made news in our mainstream media, but in Pakistan, it’s almost all people have discussed for days, since it once again seems like American overreach into Pakistan sovereignty. Ex-U.S. consulate staffer Raymond Davis is now on trial in Pakistan for murder, but Washington wants him released. This editorial from Pakistan’s Frontier Post insists that he’s a killer that had no diplomatic immunity who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Pakistan law.

The Frontier Post editorial says in part:

The story is out on the audacious U.S. bullying, blackmail and behind-the-scenes coercion of the Islamabad hierarchy into letting off American murderer and staffer Raymond Davis, who shot two Pakistani citizens to death in Lahore. America’s terse message to the Pakistan establishment is “release him at once or face a chill on all bilateral contacts.”

Our American lords show no concern that Raymond’s case is now in the domain of the courts. They have no patience for due process, which could see the American slayer’s release if it’s shown that he does indeed enjoy diplomatic immunity. They aren’t even troubled in heart or conscience over the sad demise of the widow of one of those Davis killed, who took her life in grief and dejection. Nor do they seem perturbed by the death of another Pakistani citizen under the wheels of a recklessly-driven vehicle, which was part of Davis’ American rescue party and was being driven on the wrong side of the road. Diplomatic immunity or not – they just want their murderer back. That’s that.

But isn’t this a sorrow of our own making? Why would a ruling hierarchy so subserviently enslave itself to Uncle Sam, as ours has, to the point that America’s lords feel no compunction about making and demanding strict compliance with the wildest requests?

The there is this editorial from Pakistan’s The Nation, which touches on the Raymond Davis case and the three American hikers now on trial for spying in Tehran: “Iran ‘Sets Example’ By Prosecuting Americans”

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