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Posted by on Jul 20, 2018 in Internet, Politics, Russia, Scandals | 0 comments

One of the Most Disgraceful Presidential Scandals

[ Note: This is not about payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump]

The recriminations and condemnations were swift and damning

A respected Representative said, “There’s no way we can excuse what the president did…When you have the world watching, it did not show the seriousness of purpose that you need from a commander-in-chief.”

A well-known commentator said, “I think it’s shocking to a lot of people.”

At a news network’s roundtable, the consensus was, “I think it’s a sign to enemies that he’s a wimp.”

Other reactions from pundits, talking heads and politicians ranged from “not presidential” and “shocking” to “This confirms he’s a Marxist” and “That’s an impeachable offense right there”

On the internet, the scandal went viral.

A Peter Norway tweeted,

This is disrespectful to America. Inexcusable behavior. Someone needs to stop this traitor.

Ok, here is where I must clarify things.

The tweet was posted yesterday, July 19, following Trump’s disgraceful Helsinki performance and the full tweet was:

[Obama wears a tan suit] conservatives: This is disrespectful to America. Inexcusable behavior. Someone needs to stop this traitor.

Mr. Norway went on to tweet:

[Trump offers to hand over American citizens critical of Putin to Russia for questioning] conservatives: Finally a true patriot is in charge.

All the previous quotes and comments were mostly Republican reactions not to Trump’s performance at the Helsinki summit, but rather to one of the greatest scandals during the Obama administration (along with the one when Obama put Dijon mustard on his hotdog and when the First Lady wore a sleeveless dress): Having the nerve to wear a tan suit to a press conference.

CNN screen capture

Here is a great video compiled by the folks at Now This! documenting some of the reactions to the “Great Scandal.”

Hope you enjoy it and hoping America may finally have a scandal-free weekend.

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