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Posted by on Aug 13, 2009 in At TMV | 7 comments

On the Air: Is Health Care the New Abortion Debate?

Just a reminder, in case you’re going to be around, that my partner in crime and I will be back on the air at 10 am Eastern time this morning with another edition of Mid Stream Radio. While I’ve grown weary of writing about the subject here and ramming my head into walls, we’ll tackle the question of whether or not health care reform has become the new abortion question in this country, with both sides so fired up and angry that they’re just out for blood most of the opponents are talking past each other with open mouths and closed ears. We’ll also touch on a few other topics, including the failure of Washington to fund the Near Earth Object study, Hillary’s bad week and and the fake Nurse of the Year. Follow the link above to listen, call in with your own observations, or join in the online chat if you’ve done your free registration with BTR before the show.

See you on the radio.