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Posted by on Mar 7, 2009 in Politics | 2 comments

NY20 Race: New Tedisco Ad Released. Going Negative?

Local news sources are reporting that Republican Assembly Leader Jim Tedisco has released his next campaign advertisement, this time going directly after his Democratic opponent, Scott Murphy, for his Wall Street pedigree.

The race to fill Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s now vacant seat in the 20th Congressional District is heating up as the two candidates vying for the job come out swinging.

Republican Jim Tedisco, backed by the National Republican Campaign Committee, has launched a scathing new television ad, characterizing Democrat Scott Murphy as a Wall Street insider who voted to give himself a bonus while overseeing a cash strapped company.

Thanks to the wonders of You Tube, we can take a look at the ad right here.

I really have to wonder who is organizing Jim Tedisco’s campaign and approving this. I can see what the desired message is and how it may be relevant to the voters, but the delivery here is pretty weak. Taking those old style movie clips of “fat cat” industrialists laughing while they gobble down rich food and watch the starving masses suffer is so last century. Besides, I think we’ve had more than enough of the class warfare hyperbole, though it generally comes from the other party. This ad could have been produced a lot more effectively while getting the same message across in my opinion.

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