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Posted by on Aug 2, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Note To Readers About Our Blog On The Run

Yes, TMV is the original wandering Jew as he flits from California to Montana to Wyoming. But we need to write this note to our readers who often ask how this blog is done and see cyclical changes.

Until August 8 TMV is on the road, going from city to city, doing posts very early in the morning and (as now) late at night. This may mean some breaking news isn’t covered as it usually is when he’s not travelling. Or the mix of our posts is different. Our “hits” usually go down during these periods, since due to logistics (lenghty travel time in cars and airplanes)the site is updated much less and less extensively.

Fortunately, our co-bloggers are posting some great stuff. But we want to tell you about yesterday:

TMV was JUST about to leave his hotel room near Bozeman, MT when he learned of the Bolton recess appointment. So he put off his departure — wrecking one of his only two vacations days (basically for the whole year) — to do the post. You’ll note that we reposted it for today, since as this is being written the roundup is being greatly expanded. But due to driving 300 miles through the mountains we are forgoing our long and time consuming roundup excerpts this time for a list with a few comments.

Thanks for YOUR patience. Also, if you like TMV do tell some friends since we still get emails from people who didn’t know about the site and find it “different.” Different Are Us!

PS: This is being posted from Thermopolis, Wyoming…and it’s on to Basin, Wyoming tonight.