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Posted by on Mar 24, 2019 in Society | 0 comments


Mueller on Trump is no collusion or obstruction, please everyone, it is critical not to get stuck here, show some grace and move on for there is real work which needs to be done.

Besides the legislative and administrative work, there is a small matter of taming the Godzilla of hateful divide amongst people and bringing them together not just here in America but by example in the rest of the World.

Enough of us and others, how about some we are together.

Let mutual respect find, reflect, talk and walk again. Come out of our bubbles, our comfort zones, reach out to the left, to the right, to the ones different and less fortunate than us, get to know other cultures, their way of lives, for historically at stake is our show and survival as a species.

Please do not lose the forest for the trees, and I repeat, for historically at stake is our show and survival as a species.

Say love in any which way, do the better you.

For this pale blue dot, love better trump hate and come out on top.

Are there leaders, Democrats, and Republicans, who can more often walk the aisle, show more compassion for the other side?

We will take Lincoln, Mandela, King, Jacinda Ardern any day.