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Posted by on Aug 12, 2010 in Breaking News, Society | 0 comments

New Poll Shows Majority Favor Gay Marriage – Revised

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released yesterday shows, for the first time, that a majority of Americans now favor legally recognized gay marriage. While polling has been trending in this direction for years, this is the first poll to show a majority favoring marriage equity.

The poll itself was produced by splitting the sample group roughly in two and employing two separate interview procedures, Version A and Version B. The half interviewed using Version A came out very slightly opposed to gay marriage, 51-49%. Those interviewed using Version B were more decisive, 52-46% in support of gay marriage.

The base question was subtly different for each group:

The Version A group was asked whether they believed gay and lesbian couples had a constitutional right to marry. The Version B group was asked whether gay and lesbian couples should have a constitutonal right to marry.

Margin of error is +/- 4.5%. When the two groups are merged, the results fall within the margin of error but show a net favorability for gay marriage. The poll is here. The pertinent questions are 37 and 37A.

Thanks to commenter roro80 for pointing out a flaw in the original post.

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