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Posted by on Jun 22, 2009 in International | 15 comments

Neda Agha-Soltan, Young Woman Murdered in Iran: She is Voice of Freedom


It is said, in Persian, her name, Neda, means ‘the voice.’

And by ordering this young voice to be killed in the streets, the “supreme leader” Ayatolla has made sure by murdering someone idealistic and good… her voice will now live forever, rather than ever die away.

According to reports, the pre-meditated murder of Neda was carried out by a member of the Basij, a volunteer paramilitary organization of hotheads who long to be important but failed to make the grade to be accepted into the Iranian Revolutionary Guards– yet this group of wanna-bes take swill and orders from IRG under the direction of the not so “Supreme Leader” of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini… now, dubbed, The Supreme Murderer of Iran.

A Middle East news Web site, Al Bawaba, reported that Neda was pronounced dead two minutes after the footage here was taken. The footage is heartbreaking, not only how easily the thin body envelope is fatally pierced, but the literal wailing of the men, young and middle aged, trying to save Neda.

They were not able to save her, but her name will live in blessed memory forever. And those who tried to save her, also will live staggered, but likely even stronger. Ask any Nam vet who saw a member of his platoon blown away before his eyes.

From International J Post:

“According to Al Bawaba, “The video has since seen a wide global circulation and developed into a rallying cry for the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Iran who have disputed President Ahmadinejad’s June 12 victory over rival Mir Hossein Mousavi.”

Neda, has been dubbed, “the voice of the Iranian revolution,” by users of social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook.”

Some reports have Neda b. 1982, others say she was sixteen years old. What is certain is her murder. As the fog of early reporting clears, we will know more facts soon.