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Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Crime, Featured, International, Military, Politics, Society, War | 4 comments

N. Korea Causes China, S. Korea, Japan 2 B Bedmates

nkorea1North Korea’s ‘beloved leader’ has done the near impossible with his threats to pulverize, vaporize and otherwise unwisely follow in the steps of sad Saddam who also promised to vaporize, pulverize in the ‘mother of all wars’ against all and any who dared to breathe against him.

Just some facts about North Korea

there are nearly 24.5 million people in North Korea
There are 50 million people in South Korea, twice as many souls as in N. Korea]
And by contrast,
— 1 Billion, three hundred-fifty million souls in China,
— 125,800,000 souls in Japan

Land mass of N. Korea: 46,528 square miles
Land mass of South Korea: 38,691 square miles
land mass of China: 3.7 Million square miles
land mass of Japan 145,925 square miles

Gross Domestic Production of N. Korea, estim: 2011: 40-80 Billion
Gross Domestic Production of S. Korea, estim: 2.7 Trillion
Gross Domestic Prod of China estim: 20 Trillion
Gross Domestic Prod of Japan estim: 9 Trillion

per capita North Korea, per citizen: 1200.00-1400.00 dollars per year
per capita South Korea: 23-32k per year
per capita China: 6-9K per year
per capita Japan: 36-46K per year

Who could raise a greater army, navy, air force, weaponry force, wall of fire. Who would most benefit by peace and furthered prosperity. Who would benefit most from screeching. Who would benefit most by diligent silence and attention to the people’s health and works.