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Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Bigotry, Hispanics, Poetry, Politics, Society | 0 comments

Mr. Trump, It Is No Longer ‘The Art of the Deal’

In another cynical example of how brilliant he is at the art of the (crooked) deal, Mr. Trump — by rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — is effectively holding some 800,000 young Dreamers, for who he professes to have “great love” and a “great heart,” as hostages to achieve his side of the deal.

In a cold, cruel decision (one he “didn’t have the spine to announce” himself), Trump is using these vulnerable, young human beings as pawns — bargaining chips — allegedly to get “comprehensive immigration reform” – something he knows darn well a do-nothing Congress cannot do in six months. It is a sinister reality that this sham is just part of his devious plan to get his beloved “big, beautiful wall” built.

The question arises, when will this President of the United States grasp the fact that it is no longer the art of the deal but, rather, the responsibility of governing; that it is no longer how much he can do for himself and his fortunes, but, rather, how much he can do for all the people and for keeping America Great.

America has been, from its very beginnings, by and for “We the People,” not by and for a “malignant narcissist.”

My good friend, a patriot, expresses such sentiments much better than this author can – and in the form or a poem:

Mr. President: “We the people” do say
Lead, Follow or Get out of the way!

You were elected to lead this country: not from responsibility to duck
Stand up like a man: do your job: don’t pass the buck
It’s no longer Pro Wrestling, Beauty Pageants or Reality TV
Where you made appearances just to puff up your image: for all to see

Why bring up and then punt on the “Dreamer Act” in such a cowardly way?
With all the critical issues facing the nation: are you trying to draw attention away?
“I care” you say: but to Congress you delegate: if they fail you hint: “I’ll fix it anyway”
What’s the point? Why the timing? Is it just for your base? Just politics to play?

“We the people” are now tired of your excuses and passing the blame
What have you actually done? By our count you record is historically lame
Your “Dreamers” story line is we must respect the law: there are no exceptions!
But on your Sheriff Joe pardon: You had a base to please: You only think of re-election

Let’s face it: the majority of this nation clearly sees you as deep down shallow
You have no principles: you just bend in the wind: it’s in self-aggrandizement you wallow
Your White House staff is in total disarray: as you tweeter they have no idea what to say
You insult and disavow what your cabinet says: even “your” Congress you betray!

While major issues face this nation: you are missing from your duty station
You do not lead: it’s others that have to take the heat: from responsibility, you retreat
You do not follow: given good advice: you ignore it: you back stab instead of following it
You’re a total disgrace: It’s not for the general public you care: Just your racist base!

So, Mr. President, your option is clear: “We the people” say: GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Lead image: Cover of “A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump,” a book about narcissism in world history and politics – including today – written by psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, including “a notable storyteller, author, clinical-psychologist” Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, who is known as “Dr. E.” and is The Moderate Voice’s Managing Editor

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