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Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in 2016 Presidential Election, Internet, Media | 3 comments

More Twitter Users Would Leave America If Donald Trump ELECTED

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More Twitter users would leave America if Donald Trump won the presidential election than would if Hillary Clinton won. Mexico leads the countries people would flee to.

More on people fleeing if Trump wins the election:  “In our favorite social media analysis so far this year, the digital analytics firm Luminoso scoured 4.5 million Trump-related tweets from Aug. 7 through Sept. 9 and found about 4% of them were people promising to leave the country if Trump wins the White House.”

Here are the top destinations Luminoso found via tweets where people would flee following a Trump win [H/T USA Today}:

  • Mexico: 75,000
  • General: 69,000 (“I’m moving if Trump is elected” but no location specified)
  • Canada: 25,000
  • United Kingdom: 11,000
  • Australia: 6,000
  • Alaska: 5,800
  • France: 2,000
  • Hawaii: 1,500
  • Jamaica: 1,200
  • Ireland: 1,100
  • Sweden: 1,000
  • Brazil: 1,000

I guess the people who said they would move to Alaska don’t quite realize that they would still be in America.

Political news cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.