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Posted by on Jul 8, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Education, International, Media, Miscellaneous, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 1 comment

Michael Jackson: A Local Icon Across Asia


Sri Lankan journalist Nalaka Gunawardene notes in his blog how the twin technologies of satellite television and the Internet transformed far-away Michael Jackson into a local icon across Asia. He also mentions about a 2001 documentary named Michael Jackson Comes to Manikganj that probed how far and wide satellite television was influencing and impacting culture, society and even politics of South Asia.

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While still alive, Michael Jackson was widely considered a weirdo, says Sharon Waxman in HuffPost, and adds, that in death, “Michael Jackson is suddenly some kind of a saint. A humanitarian. A philanthropist. A civil rights leader.

” ‘Like our father Martin,’ said Martin Luther King III before a live television audience of millions around the world at the memorial. ‘He was indeed a shining light.’

“What a difference two weeks and sudden death can make.

“The ceremony at Staples Center was an historic moment in our contemporary social and cultural history. It may have come the closest to a worldwide communal event as we have ever seen.

“An unprecedented cross between a Hollywood production and a somber memorial, it was watched by fans in every language, all over the world, giving it an ineffably global quality.” More here…

Meanwhile Michael Jackson lay in his golden casket at his memorial service without his brain. “The Los Angeles coroner confirmed yesterday that the organ was retained to carry out tests. The death certificate, which was signed by Jackson’s sister La Toya, lists the cause of death as deferred.” More here…