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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Featured, Science & Technology | 8 comments

Meme Busting: Does Obamacare Mandate Micro Chip Implants?

Facebook hoaxThis week’s installation of found on Facebook* is a photo accompanied by the claim that the Health Care Act “requires all US citizens” to have an RIFD implant that will contain “personal data heath and bank accounts.”

So where did eyebrow-raising claim originate?

With our favorite conspiracy theorist from Texas, Alex Jones.

In 2010.

Forget the national ID card, implantable microchips are coming to a clinic near you no later than 36 months after the bill is signed into law.

There was nothing in any version of the legislation that became the Affordable Health Care Act that requires US citizens to be implanted with an RFID chip.

How did this man get a national following? Why are there so many Americans who exhibit no critical thinking skills?

About the images.

One is a fake x-ray. The other is an RFID VeriChip introduced in 2007 for diabetics.

There are more details at Snopes on the specifics of the claim that the health care act contains this requirement. (It doesn’t.)

So, please. Don’t share the photo but feel free to share this post in a comment.

* This photo showed up in my Facebook as an example of conservative rhetoric. It had almost 40K shares at this writing.