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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Featured, International, Politics | 3 comments

McCain Writes For Wrong Pravda


The response editorial of John McCain was not published where most think it was. Pravda, the large Russian newspaper, declined to publish the Senator’s editorial written in response to Vladimir Putin’s NYT editorial. Instead, McCain’s editorial was posted at, a website not affiliated with the newspaper.

This from the CNN report.

“The Pravda McCain had publically said he wanted to be published in is one of the oldest Russian newspapers, founded in 1912…, the news outlet that actually published McCain’s piece, is an electronic news website founded in 1999. Even though the website also bears the name Pravda, it is not connected to Pravda newspaper. The website has English and Russian editions and covers everything from politics to fashion and celebrities.”

And a little bit more

While editors at the communist Pravda publication said last week they were not going to accept an op-ed by McCain, a spokesman for the senator said McCain submitted one anyway, in addition to, since there was confusion over the two different Pravdas. As expected, it was not published by the newspaper.

Of course, McCain’s gambit was always more for the American audience than the Russian audience anyway. Other writers here have done a fine job of covering the substance of McCain’s editorial. See pieces by Dorian De Wind and Janet Shan .