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Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in Breaking News, Economy, Health, Law, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 0 comments

Maybe the State Dept. Should Designate BP As a Terrorist Organization

Or maybe “terrorist organization” is too strong. Maybe “criminal gang” would be better:

Everyone knows by now that BP is stil blocking press access to oil-spill sites even though they’re not supposed to anymore. I’ve been blathering about it for weeks, and it’s been all of three days since four contractors wouldn’t let me through the Pointe Aux Chenes marina outside Montegut, Louisiana. And though as of June 16 the federal government was saying helicopters could fly reporters as low as 1,500 feet around spill sites, on June 17 I was on a helicopter that was prohibited from flying below 3,000 feet (and whose pilot flipped silent birds at the “military guys” coming over the radio and hassling him about being in the area at all). But Louisiana state police pulling over a video camera-wielding private citizen because the head of BP security wanted to ask him some questions is a whole other level of alarming.Last week, Drew Wheelan, the conservation coordinator for the American Birding Association, was filming himself across the street from the BP building/Deepwater Horizon response command in Houma, Louisiana. As he explained to me, he was standing in a field that did not belong to the oil company when a police officer approached him and asked him for ID and “strongly suggest[ed]” that he get lost since “BP doesn’t want people filming”[.]

It gets worse from there. Much worse.

What’s next? Disappearing reporters who try to film on non-BP property or interview people on a public beach?

Oh, and by the way: That federal judge who slapped the restraining order on Pres. Obama’s oil-drilling moratorium owns stock in several offshore oil drilling companies.