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Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in At TMV, Politics | 28 comments

Mass. Loss = ABC (Another Bad Candidate)

I do not live in Massachusetts, but like every other would be political observer, I have been paying attention. Mike Allen over at Politico wrote that President Obama plans on being combative if Martha Coakley loses the special election for the Mass. Senate seat today. The consensus is that Obama’s mid-term swoon has begun and the health care bill is going to be the first casualty.

I think it’s too early for Republicans to start dreaming of a rout in November and the Democrats for envisioning a nightmare that will make 1994 seem like a bump in the road. How about we put the cause of this loss firmly on the people who caused this to happen? The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) DSCC and Martha Coakley.

The DSCC never even approached the possibility that a Republican could win the seat held by the late Ted Kennedy. Kennedy was elected to that seat a month after the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Democrats thought they could run anyone for that seat – they were wrong. The point is: Martha Coakley was a bad candidate and bad candidates lose.

In 2002, after running Maryland for decades, Democrats were in a similar position. The party thought they could run anyone and win the Governor’s mansion so they nominated their Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and they lost to Republican Bob Ehrlich.

Obama needs to be careful here. If he chooses to overreact, he may fan the flames of dissent higher and help to cause the Republican landslide he fears. Instead of alienating voters, and motivating Republicans, Obama and the DSCC should spend their time finding better candidates to run for office.