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Posted by on May 30, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

Lula’s Iran Triumph Comes at the Rightful Expense of the United States: La Republica, Peru

This article from Peru’s La Republica about the recent nuclear deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey with Iran not only gives a sense of what a global megastar Brazil President Lula has become, but it underscores the continuing enmity felt by Latin Americans toward the United States and perceived U.S. double standards in regard to Israel.

For La Republica, Nicolas Lynch writes in part:

For Brazil President Lula, the agreement reached last week among the leaders of Brazil, Turkey and Iran to transfer half of Iran’s uranium to be enriched on Turkish soil and then return it to Iran to use for peaceful purposes is a triumph of the first order. To begin with, the agreement upends the U.S. strategy of seeking to force Iran under – the threat of bombing – to stop its nuclear program and then restart it under the terms of the great powers. On the following day, however difficult, the U.S. obtained the commitment of France, Germany, China and Russia on a draft agreement for what would be the fourth set of U.N. Security Council sanctions on Iran – unless the country reaches a deal with the major powers. But the world has already seen that another arrangement with the Iranian regime is possible – one that differs from the way of the U.S. bully.

The way the major powers have treated Iran, while guided by the laudable goal of limiting the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, lacks legitimacy due to the double standards they apply in the Middle East.

Lula’s initiative proves that mid-sized countries like Brazil, Turkey and perhaps others like South Africa and India can bring fresh air to global politics, presenting new initiatives for solving intractable age-old problems. Beyond the doubts about his recent activity, the president of Iran pointed out an essential issue: the lack of confidence in what the major powers can accomplish – especially the United States. We Latin Americans, who have experienced first hand for over a century being in the claws of the Yankee, know that this isn’t a country upon which one can rely. Hence, these new actors may be able to provide that missing confidence and offer a healthier path for global affairs.

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