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Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in International, Politics | 1 comment

Live Blogging Republican Presidential Hopeful Foreign Policy Debate (UPDATED)

The second GOP Presidential debate is on. Will former House Speaker Newt Gingrich keep his Big Mo that has propelled him in several polls now to become the new Republican front-runner for the 2012 nomination? Will former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney remain unable to expand his base — a supposed front-runner who is not just unloved but loathed by some conservatives? Will former Godfatho arer’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain who argued America needs “a leader not a reader” continues to lose voters as quickly as eating several pizzas at one sitting gains pounds? Will Ron Paul continue to appeal to a segment of Republicans or stay in his niche as a less than acessible candidate — but one who is popular and ignored by the press? Wll Jon Huntsman keep talking a good game and sound like an ambassador but still be unable to live up to his (considerable) advance press hype? Will Rick Santorum continue to pat himself on the back? Wil Michele Bachmann
work the phrase “Obamacare” into her foreign policy answers?

Due to a travel glitch I am unable to live blog tonight’s Republican Presidential debate on foreign policy.

However throughout the evening I will add some links here to sites that are live blogging the debate.

These links are NOT offered for partisan or ideological reasons. These are sites of various viewpoints that are live blogging — regardless of their political preference.


Real Clear World
Daily Kos Note that Daily Kos does a series of posts so you have to click on the main site link that I gave you and scroll down to read each post.
Allapundit at Hot Air. This is an open thread so you want to read whatever he writes plus the comments from the site’s largely conservative readership. It’ll give you a good idea of how the debate is playing among a segment of Republicans.
Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

You’re encouraged to visit ALL of these sites to get a variety of perspectives.
Remember that even in this day and age when people won’t visit or read websites or watch shows unless they already totally agree with it in advance, different ideas don’t cause brain cancer.

UPDATE: Be SURE to check out Stephen Green, aka Vodkapundit’s, legendary “Drunk Blogging” on this debate HERE. He always has it down to a fine art.

And how could we forget this MUST READ: Andrew Sullivan’s live blogging.

And CNN live blogging.

You can watch the debate live HERE.

CNN will be posting debate transcripts every 30 minutes HERE.

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