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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Crime, Economy, Energy, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, War | 1 comment

Let Us Boycott and ‘Put on Trial’ Those Who Mock Muhammad (Gomhuria, Egypt)

Is Western mockery of the Prophet Muhammad part of an organized plot to drive Muslims into an angry frenzy? For Egypt’s Gomhuria, columnist Galaa Gaballah advises readers not to fall into the Western trap. Instead, Gaballah suggests a two-pronged approach. First, put the West on public trial for all of its crimes ‘through the ages’; and second, boycott all products from any Western country that allows insults of Islam or religious symbols, including all the prophets from Adam to Christ.

For Gomhuria, Galaa Gaballah writes in small part:

Leave them in their sin and let us mock this group of extremists seeking fame by insulting the overseer of God’s creation, peace and prayers be upon him. A trial by extremists or the ignorant can never disturb his status, peace and prayers be upon him. He long ago dealt with the ignorance of infidels. They made allegations and spread rumors, but he filled the world with light and love and peace for all … even though the Muslims were weak, the humiliation that unbelievers tried to heap on him became their own humiliation!


Don’t all of these separate strands assure us that there is a genuine conspiracy standing behind them and trying to drag us into a maze of disputes and abuses to offset other abuses, and to draw us into a downward spiral we will never escape! Don’t these abuses to our noble Prophet look like a tightly-wound and contagious scenario, particularly after the arrival of representatives of the Islamic current in positions of power in Egypt and other Arab countries? And doesn’t this behoove us to think about and be aware of what is going on around us and what is intended for us?


Come, let us hold a global public trial of the West to prosecute them for crimes against humanity and against the peoples of our region, such as those of looting our resources and the worst kind of exploitation of our people. Let us try them for the injustice, treachery and vileness of how they have dealt with us through the ages. The second step is to boycott them, provided that such a boycott is effective, decisive and true. … We will not die for failing to deal with the West. We will not go hungry if we spend some time ignoring their products.

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