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Posted by on Oct 14, 2009 in International, Media, Politics, Society, War | 18 comments

Keeping Up the Cheney Family Business

Jack Ross at The American Conservative has the same feeling about Commentary that I do:  it’s like a catastrophe on the highway that you can’t look away from. Here, Ross reacts to Commentary‘s Jennifer Rubin, who takes umbrage at Maureen Dowd’s “liberal venomous paranoia” about Liz Cheney’s post-Bush career of attacking Pres. Obama for his unforgivable decision to reject much (although not all) of her father’s foreign policy.

I’ve had a sick attraction to the Commentary blog for almost a year now, and its not hard for me to find myself believing their triumphalist rhetoric at times about how they’re on the verge of a great comeback.  But their inimitably obsessive-compulsive main blogger Jennifer Rubin has just given us this gem if I ever again doubt how totally delusional they are.   This woman actually believes that Liz Cheney is “pleasant” and has the liberals “quaking in their boots”.

I guess Ms. Rubin is charmed by people who will not let anyone finish a sentence.