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Posted by on Apr 4, 2008 in Politics, War | 10 comments

It’s So Nice To See How A Politician Respects Our Troops (UPDATED)

It’s so touching to read this and see on this video how appreciative a Republican Congressman was for a member of the military who did his duty in protecting the politician’s security and LIFE. (I’ll just bet he has a “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” bumper sticker on his car…)

Be grateful to see your tax dollars at work. (Not in the case of the politico. In the case of the young, diligent U.S. soldier.)

UPDATE: It turns out that the soldier was a contracted security guard.

But that makes NO difference and doesn’t negate the Congressman’s arrogance and seeming disdain for those who don’t hold powerful positions in Congress. We will use the dreaded word “ditto” to Ed Morrissey’s sentiments here:

Does this really make it any better? After all, the contractors risk their lives as well, albeit for better compensation. One of my good friends worked in Iraq as a contractor, and I can assure McHenry that Mike the SEAL is no two-bit security guard. He’s a highly trained professional who does vital work whether as a SEAL or as a contractor.

Ding Think Progress for the inaccuracy, but McHenry isn’t off the hook.