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Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in 2016 Elections, At TMV, Breaking News, Government, History, Politics, Race, Society | 12 comments

It’s Not About The Flag, Idiots!!


It is not often I use this forum to lash out at folks on either side of the political spectrum; however, today I am compelled to lash out at everyone who is engaging in the ridiculous rhetoric that the removal of a piece of cloth is going to solve the racial injustice of South Carolina or any other person of color living in the United States of America.

To set the record straight, the Confederate Battle flag should not have ever been allowed to fly over any capitol of state government in the United States. More so, if the 10 Commandments can be banished from government buildings, the same standard should be applied to a divisive relic from a conflict which ended 150 years ago.

It seems the politicians (who seem to waffle back in forth), talking heads and activists are more concerned about the history of racism than the actual impact of racism. Instead of coming together to deal with the inherent issues of racism and the human condition, the people who should be leading us to be better people have sifted to the lowest common denominator – place blame on an inanimate object and hope the real problem goes away.

Racism is NOT about a flag, Idiots! The one good thing which may come out of removal of the flag may be to stop pinning the issues dealing with race on places and/or things. What am I thinking? Of course, there will be another thing to blame…