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Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Religion | 3 comments

Is The United States Religiously Diverse?

Via OTB, U.S. doesn’t rank high in religious diversity

PF_14.02I think this survey has a fatal flaw.  I think grouping all so called Christian religions in the United States is a false equivalency.  An evangelical Christian church and a main stream Christian church are not the same religion.  A Pentecostal church and the Lutheran church are not the same religion.  It also does not take into account social issues.  It has been my observation that many in the United States attend attend church for social rather than religious reasons.  It is part of being part of society.  As an atheist I have been guilty of this at times of emotional stress.  As someone who has lived in Europe I know that 63% of the French may be socially Christian but not religiously Christian.

Grouping all so called Christian religions together is not unlike grouping all Abrahamic  (Jewish, Christian an Muslim) religions together.  Some religious scholars think we are all actually Zoroastrians, the first monotheistic religion.

So does the United States rank high on religious diversity?    I would say yes but we are not nearly a religious as many think.