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Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in 2016 Elections, Politics | 10 comments

Is Ted Cruz Dining with “The Enemy?” [Guest Voice by Rambie]

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Is Ted Cruz dining with “The Enemy?”
by Rambie

Here, from one of TMV’s regular commenters who is one among several who often leave comments on others’ articles that can stand as good reads in and of themselves… So I invited our commenters to submit articles to us… thus, here is Rambie… [Dr. E., ed.]

On Monday night openly homophob and GOP 2016 candidate, Ted Cruz had
dinner with gay hoteliers in New York City. This dinner of course did
not go over well with his anti-LGBT evangelical base:

“Ted Cruz was forced to reiterate his stance against same-sex marriage
in a Thursday night statement after a news report of comments he made
at a fundraising event on Monday in New York City cast some doubt.”

The Times reports it was not a fund raiser, but both report the dinner
did indeed occur. “…on Monday night, at a reception for him at the
Manhattan apartment of two prominent gay hoteliers, the Texas senator
and Republican presidential hopeful struck quite a different tone.”

Nor did this dinner go over well with some in the LGBTQ community. One
of the “prominent gay hoteliers”, Ian Reisner, posted this on his
Facebook account. “I was given the opportunity to have a candid
conversation with Senator Ted Cruz on where he stood on issues
including the state of Israel and national security, which are the
only places where we share common ground.”
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