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Posted by on Aug 10, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Iraq is not the only place…

…where there exists blood and tears and death, and we may neglect the other locations to our ultimate regret in the judgment of history.

When I was young, I wondered how could the Holocaust have happened, why was it not stopped by those who saw how wrong it was.

Now, I see first-hand how it could have happened, and how it might have continued if the insanity of Adolf Hitler had not led to invading Poland.

Darfur is merely the latest in the six-decade long legacy where we neglected the cry of “Never again!”

Among the various reasons expressed for the invasion of Iraq in the contortionate gyrations performed by the apologists in the wake of the missing WMDs is the cry of “Sadaam tortured and murdered his people!”

By the way, these same apologists were among those who condemned President Clinton for intervening in the Balkans to prevent further murders there.

Why are those same apologists for the invasion of Iraq silent now when the inhabitants of Darfur are being murdered on a larger scale than anything that happened in Iraq before the 2003 invasion?

Never again!

We stand condemned by our own words.