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Posted by on Apr 17, 2007 in At TMV | 66 comments

Iran and Containment

For several years now, the West has tried to contain Iran. Iran, the country ruled by Muslim extremists dedicated to destroy Israel and cause a global jihad followed by Armageddon, meanwhile, has been able to resists this pressure because, yes, other countries, such as Russia and China support it just about blindly: even when they vote for sanctions (in the UN) these countries simply ignore these sanctions (that they voted for themselves), and continue to make it possible for the Mullahs to remain in power.

If that was the only problem – a country ruled by extremists – the West would not have to worry too much. Sadly, the Mullahs ruling over Iran do not just want to stay in power, they want to expand their power: they want to become the regional superpower.

Were that the entire problem, the West would not have to worry too much either: it only becomes a problem we should worry about, because the Mullahs aren’t just dreaming about regional hegemony and spreading Radical Islam throughout the Middle East, no, they are putting their dreams into action.

Iran is sponsoring terrorism whenever it can; it has already started and fought one war last year through Hezbollah, one of its proxies. Iran seems determined to produce a nuclear weapon: recently Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has reached “the industrial phase.” Iran allows thousands of Iraqis to be trained in Iran, to become terrorists who strike against American and Iraqi targets… in Iraq. Iran took 15 Britons hostage, and humiliated Britain for two weeks, before, finally, releasing them.

Meanwhile, our Russian and Chinese friends vote in favor of sanctions every now and then, but continue to behave (after doing so), as if nothing has changed.

The policy of containment towards Iran is not working: not, at least, if one’s goal is to force Iran to stop developing nuclear ‘energy’, and to stop supporting terrorism.

Meanwhile… The West goes back, time and time again, to the UN, to have sanctions imposed on Iran, which will be ignored by Russia and China.

That is why I believe that the West should stop looking to the UN to solve the problems with Iran. The West should, instead, only look at itself. No longer should attention be paid to what China and Russia think of the way we deal with Iran: they are irrelevant.

The West should hurt Iran economically as much as it can: together, with a united policy, the West can make Iran feel the consequences of its despicable, and destructive policies.

The West should unite, not just to contain Iran, but to decrease Iran’s influence / power, by taking the offensive. Hezbollah has to be removed from Lebanon, or at least severely weakened; Shia terrorist organizations in Iraq have to be destroyed, the West should also fight the propaganda war with passion and expertise, and the West should tolerate not one more provocation from Iran. If Iran takes Westerners hostage again, bombs away.

In short, we should look at how Ronald Reagan fought the Soviet Union, and how Barry Goldwater wanted the US to fight it: containment will not do; united, the West should take the offensive.