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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Crime, Education, Health, International, Media, Mental Health, Passages, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 3 comments

If You Wondered: US Ambassador Chris Stevens’s Death

When I saw this image, his death was made all the more hideous. Ambassador Chris Stevens as you see here, being carried unconscious by civilians it is said, trying to help… is a diminutive man, no ripped guy able to take on two or more assailants at a time. But his valiant spirit, no doubt, in attempting to save others, was far, far bigger than his body alone.

According to best reports at the moment, and we will know more in the next two days, he and helpers went to help evacuate staffers at the embassy. Ambassador Stevens, in the photo, appears to be smoke coated from the fires deliberately set by the attackers inside and outside the building. Exactly what happened, we have no step by step so far. But we will. Soon.

Often ‘fluff’ ambassadorships are handed to social climbing BIG money contributors to a president’s successful election. But many ambassadorships are given to people who know the culture and languages of the country to which they are assigned… and often, ambassadors and their staff persons remain til the very last minute, risking their lives, in war torn countries, trying to help with negotiations and peacekeeping and other matters that are far more critical than showing up at cocktail parties with dignitaries and giving and receiving gilded gifts.

On another note, a persistent rumor is being reported across the internet –that an anti-Muslim film ‘sparked’ what many are calling this ‘protest.’ The film may or may not be the basis– again we will have to wait and see. It will become clearer soon. But, again just to call a spade a spade again, (this does not seem to end) it was not a ‘protest,’ but a full out armed attack on the quarters of the US mission and the office workers and civilians therein. Speaking clearly, lets us see what we need to see. Do what needs be done. Hold what needs be held so that the innocents in all directions may know shelter. Even though Ambassador Stevens didnt, nor did his staffers.

May those who were killed, rest in peace and be held in blessed memory. May their families be comforted.