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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 15 comments

If the Prophet Can be Insulted, then the Holocaust can be Questioned (Al Watan, Libya)

This column is not a pleasant one, but it does unfortunately reflect the views of a sizable number of Muslims, and it is from Libya. And as you can see, the cartoon (above) is from Saudi Arabia. We present it in the spirit of understanding what we’re in for when it comes to relating to these new countries emerging from decades despotism, and I am sorry to have to use the word – ignorance. I would just say in defense of the newspaper Al Watan, that they allow a wide variety of views, and that is to be commended.

So – is there some form of moral equivalency between questioning the well-documented mass murder of Jews during World War II and Muslim violence over a low budget film made by an angry Coptic Christian in California? For Libya’s Al Watan, columnist Ahmad Mustafa Al-Ghar writes that while he doesn’t agree with the killing of diplomats, he does see bias against Islam reflected in part by what Western media prohibits, like films questioning the Holocaust, and those it allows, like those insulting to The Prophet Mohammad.

For Al Watan, Ahmad Mustafa Al-Ghar starts out this way:

Why shouldn’t we rise up and protest a film that denigrates our Holy Prophet? Don’t countries oftentimes protest and revolt for the slightest insult aimed at symbols or slogans that pertain to them, let alone those that insult all of humanity? It is true that I am against attacks on embassies and diplomats, because we offered them security and agreed to their presence through diplomatic exchanges and international treaties and agreements. But one can never ignore the reaction of angry people who at a moment’s notice may go up against governments and governing regimes. It is not surprising, then, that the demonstrations began in Egypt and Libya, then to Yemen, before spreading to the rest of the countries, since little time has passed since their revolutions, and their peoples have liberated themselves from the grip of oppression, which had prevented them from even demonstrating in support of our religion and Holy Prophet.


If , as it claims, the United States believes in freedom to the extent that it gives its citizens the right to burn the American flag if they like … is it also possible to allow the production of films questioning the validity of the alleged Holocaust of the Jews? And will American company Google leave video clips exposing the lies of Jews about the Holocaust, without deleting them from YouTube, or will it only take measures it prevent it from being viewed in Israel alone, and leave it for the rest of humanity to see?

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