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Posted by on Sep 12, 2007 in Society | 1 comment

Human chips in the technology game

Some people think all technology is bad. Especially those Blackberries:

English-born American theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson once said:

If we had a reliable way to label our toys good and bad, it would be easy to regulate technology wisely. But we can rarely see far enough ahead to know which road leads to damnation. Whoever concerns himself with big technology, either to push it forward or to stop it, is gambling in human lives.

Cell phones and mobile devices are now big technology. They are permeating all aspects of society. If you push forward on mobile technology, there are dark outcomes. If you pull back on mobile technology, there are dark outcomes. Either way, our lives are constantly changing due to portable, always on, always there, always in touch devices. Are we going to become a better society as we become more connected in more elaborate ways? It’s hard to tell. The possibilities are endless in the technology game. Whether we win or lose in this game, Freeman Dyson is right: human lives are being gambled. Always has and always will. Hopefully those gambles pay off in the next great products, those next great ideas, that benefits humanity more than harms it.

My first move in the technology game: how about cars shrinking into briefcases that you can carry around?