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Posted by on Jul 1, 2008 in Media, Politics | 9 comments

Huffington Wants Obama To Veer Left

In her article posted on Real Clear Politics, Arianna Huffington suggests that Obama should not tack to the center this fall but should instead move to the left. She claims that the her opinion is not based on her own progressive views but instead on real political considerations.

However with all due respect I must dispute this claim. If you read between the lines there is an unspoken assumption that everyone agrees with her liberal views and therefore it makes no sense to tack to the center.

Indeed her attitude towards those it the middle is contemptuous at best and on some levels quite hostile. This does not seem to be a very wise political course but then again we are talking about Huffington. Just as many of the hard right pundits would throw away elections for the GOP, so Huffington seems intent on doing so for the left.