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Posted by on Apr 21, 2008 in Politics | 3 comments

Howard Dean conference call re: Neighborhood Volunteer organizing

“New tools” can mean many different things these days and often involve social media of some type.

But in a conference call today, Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean described “the rollout of a new field effort and Neighborhood Volunteer organizing tool” as one that emphasizes face-to-face contact between neighbors. (Also referenced was a new ad called called, “Better Off,” which you can view here. It aims at Senator John McCain.)

I didn’t get to ask a question during the call but I did e-mail DNC Communications Director Karen Finney immediately after the call ended:

“…who is setting the benchmarks and what are the benchmarks re: the numbers hoped to be achieved per state and nationwide with the organizing tool.”

Her response, which was extremely prompt: “Our political department, working with the state parties will set the state by state benchmarks. We are not discussing them publicly yet.”

I promised that I’d improve my *1 skills for the next conference call so that I can see if they’re discussing those benchmarks publicly yet (let’s hope I get asked to be in on the call again).

Other info from the call had to do with not allowing John McCain to re-invent himself and meeting him everywhere he goes to remind him and the voters of that fact, so that they don’t, as was said, “get bamboozled.”

Dean re-stated a couple of times his belief that setting up field stations now ensures that not having a nominee does not cripple the Democratic party because “we’re so far ahead of where we’ve been” at this stage in past races. It was stated that there are 50,000 individuals who have agreed to talk to their neighbors.

I’ve been on a few conference calls this year and this was the first one during which I actually tried to ask a question so I was a bit bummed that when I tried, for whatever reason, I didn’t get a chance. I temporarily had a complex – imagining that it was because I’m a blogger, or female (no questions from women were fielded though Karen Finney wrote me that there were other women in on the call) or the equipment was broken.

Though I’m sure none of the above were true, next time, I am going to practice my “star 1” skills between now and the next time. Maybe I’ll even call on two phones at once to improve my odds.

Just kiddin’.