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Posted by on Dec 7, 2011 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 0 comments

How the Iraqi Resistance Saved Women from the Americans (Al Watan, Oman)

Could it be that part of America’s plan for the Iraqi invasion was to undermine the Iraqi family by luring women and girls to work for the occupation? For Oman’s Al Watan in an article reminiscent of the type of content we published at the height of the war, columnist Walid Al Zubaydi writes that the way U.S. immigration officers insult Iraqis granted asylum in the U.S. is a consequence of the scheme, and that without the Iraqi resistance, the Americans would have succeeded in undermining Iraqi ‘ethics.”

For Oman’s Al Watan, Walid Al Zubaydi starts out this way:

I was shocked when my friend, film director Husayn Al Asadi, told me about the question he and his family were asked by a U.S. official interviewing Iraqis wishing to immigrate to the United States. That oh-so-civilized American asked them, “Will you be practicing prostitution in America?”

Asadi said he thought he might have gotten some of the official’s words confused, and turned to his wife and children with his mouth wide open, hoping they could help clarify what he had just heard. With shame and with shock and awe similar to that brought by the Americans to Iraq nine years ago, they acquiesced.

Al Asadi answered that impudent American in a way that suited this affront to the sons of Iraq. Without hesitation he issued a retort that came naturally to his Iraqi heart and was worthy of this despicable American. Pulling his family away and with his heart filled with outrage about America and Americans, he said, “If America was the only country left on earth, I would not dishonor myself by immigrating to it.”

The exchange took place at the headquarters of Jordan’s International Migration Department in Amman. When I asked other Iraqis who had refused to go to America, it turned out that these shameless Americans ask this question to all Iraqis who are granted asylum to the U.S. through the International Migration Department. All are met by a senior U.S. official to be asked this ugly question.

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