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Posted by on Mar 25, 2020 in At TMV, coronavirus, Religion, Society, Transportation, Travel | 0 comments

How not to respond to a pandemic: Airport Edition

Apparently, being a Mormon missionary means having one’s entire family greet you at the airport upon returning home.

From The Hill, 23 March 2020:

“Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) urged against Mormon families gathering at the Salt Lake City airport to welcome home missionaries in a Facebook post on Monday, calling such gatherings ‘irresponsible.’ In a Facebook post, the Utah senator wrote that parents should pick up young adults returning from missionary work overseas ‘alone,’ and avoid large gatherings as per guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state officials.”

From KUTV in Salt Lake City:

“With the return of 1,600 Latter-day Saints missionaries, complications with social distancing were inevitable. But as KUTV shared video of their return at the Salt Lake City airport on Sunday, Utah state leaders shared their concerns about what they saw.

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox was “disappointed” with how the families congregated in the parking lot. Gov. Herbert said gatherings like these are dangerous at this time. The missionaries were sent home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

2News Reporter Kelly Vaughen shared her perspective of the event and said: ‘social distancing is out the window.’ Airport instructions for the returned missionaries and their families were given but were not met.”

It’s too bad that Stephen Stucker is deceased. His “Johnny” movie character was wise in comparison to these families.

Featured Image is a screenshot from the 1980 film Airplane. The image shows Stephen Stucker playing the role of Air Traffic Controller Johnny Henshaw-Jacobs.