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Posted by on Dec 22, 2019 in Politics | 0 comments

How Donald Trump Could Become the Greatest Statesman in the History of the United States and Possibly of the World.

by Robert Coutinho

Imagine, if you will, if President Trump were to call the news cameras into the fireplace lounge in the White House. He would be sitting down, facing the nation, with a fire burning in the fireplace, calmly ready to speak to all of us. He would be saying things either as an epiphany or as a pre-planned situation of four and a half years, I will use the pre-planned one, but you can easily imagine the epiphany one instead.

President of the United States, Donald Trump:

My fellow Americans,

I am speaking to all of you now because we have come to a cross-roads in our history when we all need to take a step back and look at what has happened and at where we have come. Four and a half years ago I descended an escalator to announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America. I was unsure of my reception at that time. As time went on, I was surprised that my campaign had gained so much momentum. It continued on until we have come all the way to this day.

During that time, I called for an America-first policy that entailed securing our border with Mexico—including a wall, for which Mexico was to pay. I also called for an end to Obama-care, with a replacement system to be enacted. I had called for our military to be removed from the Middle East during the campaign and then directed that our troops be pulled out of Syria, although we had to send some of them back—due to circumstances that I had not expected. We enacted a major tax break, which has sent the economy soaring! The unemployment figures are tiny—really tiny! During that time I have gone through a lot of advisers in my cabinet, and right now I don’t have a lot of permanent staff members around here. [looks around]

Throughout that entire time I portrayed myself as someone who did everything for himself. Everything was for me. I hired my daughter and her husband to work right here in the White House itself—even though there is an anti-nepotism law. My first act was to try to get the Park Department to change photographs to make it look as if my inauguration had a larger crowd than President Obama’s had. I changed my mind on things on an hourly basis here in the White House. I, quite frankly, probably drove my Chiefs of Staff crazy. I went out in public and supported enemies while disparaging decades-long allies. I did nearly everything in my power to stop an investigation into the meddling of the 2016 Presidential Election—even though Robert Mueller was ostensibly working for me! In addition I went out supporting racists, denegrating women, labeling people with insults that one might expect from petulant children and worse.

In addition to all of this, I lied like there was no such thing as reality. I believe that Politifact has me at more than 14,000 lies since I took office! I sent out people to back up the lies, and then lied about the lies. People here would spend days trying to figure out how to spin something I said into a statement less egregious than it was, only to have me go out and undercut them by backing up my original statement with a clear-cut explanation of the worst view of the statement.

During all this time, I watched in wonderment as people who are supposed to be our countries leaders bent over backwards to support me. It seemed like there was nothing that I could do that they would not forgive or forget. Early on some of them condemned some of my statements and actions, but many of them soon came around to supporting me again. I praised Nazis and racists, they came around to support me again. I locked up children in cages, they denied it happened and then backed up my policy of denying Congress the right to investigate the places where the cages were located! I changed one of the most long-standing foreign policy decisions in the history of this country and met face to face with the leader of North Korea with no preconditions. They all supported me and praised me for doing it. If you think that a Democratic president could have gotten away with that, I have some land at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to sell to you!

During all of this time, my supporters among you stayed with me. My poll numbers (which I lied about constantly, by the way) stayed pretty much the same. We nearly gutted the entire medical system without a replacement and my poll numbers stayed the same. I ridiculed a war veteran. I fired the director of the FBI, bragged about it to the Russians, and then the guy who lied to the FBI about having meetings with the Russians eventually pleaded guilty. I criticized my predecessor for playing golf once in a while, and then spent more time playing golf in my first year than he did in his entire eight years here. None of this mattered to my supporters. During my rallies we would lead chants of, “Lock her up!” What happened to due process? Amazingly, with the recent ongoing situation, the Republicans have been claiming that I have not been afforded propper due process (I was invited to send lawyers, by the way), yet the chants and the rallies are still ongoing.

Now we come to the most recent situation that we are facing. In spite of the fact that I blocked any and all attempts by anyone from the House of Representatives to investigate anything, they found out that there was an attempt, by me and my staff, to see if we could get a foreign government to help us in the next election. We wanted them to make a claim that they were investigating people for corruption who have served this nation honorably for many years.

When a member of the non-political portion of my staff flagged this out as a gross abuse of power, the political members of my staff and in Congress went into damage control mode. First they tried to deny that it occurred. Next, they tried to claim that the person who flagged the abuse of power was out to get me, a never-Trumper! After I released a summary of the conversation with the president of Ukraine, clearly showing the damning act, they denied that I had done what I did!

That bring us to, well, quite frankly, now. I have portrayed a person who was wholly unfit to be the President—for that matter unfit to be the leader of a PTA! During that entire time, your elected, so-called, leaders of one party have done everything in their power to support me. They have denied reality; they have denigrated honorable civil servants; they have allowed entire government departments to operate without any approved leaders. The Constitution requires advice and consent from the Senate—but they didn’t care. These people around me are here without any advice or consent—believe me!

A political leader should be running on vision. We need someone who wants our people to be educated enough to be able to work in the good jobs of the future, to be able to raise their families, have access to the resources—including health care—that will help to make their lives happy. That is the job of a politician. I ran on division. I pitted my people against an unstated them. I ran on taking jobs away from one group in order to give them to another. I ran on eliminating the health care system for something that would magically come about. I ran on locking up people due to hatred and division. And you people ate it up…

There is a cancer in our country that is tearing it apart. It is time that those who supported me look into the mirror and start realizing that that person is part of the problem. Don’t get fooled by those who will try to claim that, “the other guys would have done the same.” The, “other guys,” didn’t. One side proved that they would, without any doubt. Look to the media figures as well. Which ones ran with disinformation, lies, distractions, and other schemes to support my egregious acts? They are possibly even more toxic than the senators and representatives who supported me.

This country is a great country. It was founded on the principle of government by the people. Thomas Jefferson stated that an ignorant population that seeks to maintain freedom seeks something that never was and never will be. That is the current state of much of this country right now, and you had better wake up before the virtual chains get replaced with real ones.

I will be resigning my office as President of the United States. Vice President Pence will be sworn in as President soon after. You have a chance to fix the problems starting in the next election—provided that no one fixes the outcome by cheating. I wish all of us luck because we are going to need it.

I hope and pray that God will bless America once again. Thank you for listening.
Robert Coutinho is a disabled pharmaceutical chemist living in Massachusetts. He has been learning about life, the universe, and everything since he was born in 1963. He has had little else to do since his disability began in 1997. He has written a fictional novel, Their Last Best Hope, which is currently available at Tate Publishing, internet venues, and bookstores.

Image by Owantana from Pixabay