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Posted by on Jan 15, 2019 in At TMV, Inspiration and Living, International, Media, Miscellaneous, Society, TMV News | 0 comments

How about some good news for a change?

“We sure could use a little good news today.” That is the ending statement of a song recorded by Canadian singer Anne Murray and released in 1983.

That lament is applicable right now. So, how about some good news for a change?

1. A would-be mugger gets his just desserts.

2. Families of Sandy Hook victims score a legal victory.

3. Finally, a pardon for the Groveland Four.

4. Texas governor ends the presentation of false claim.

5. Stray Dog Adopted By Gas Station Rushes To The Rescue During Armed Robbery.

6. Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Buy Pizza For American Colleagues Affected By U.S. Government Shutdown.

7. Woman grateful man found the $10,000 she lost on subway.

8. Formerly Homeless Bus Driver Wins Awards Because He Never Stops Smiling – And His Passengers Love It.

9. Salon Welcomes Their Rival Business With Open Arms, After Disaster Closed Their Doors.

10. Major League Baseball Pitcher Donates $9.4 Million Estate So It Can Bring Joy to Special Needs Kids.

11. Stranger Drives 2,300 Miles So He Can Reunite Beloved Dog With Boy Recovering From Surgery.

12. 2nd Grader Wins $30,000 Scholarship for Her Dinosaur Doodle Inspired by Dreams of Paleontology.

13. Homeless Magazine Seller is So Beloved By Locals, They Showered Him With Love and a New VW Home.

14. US Cancer Death Rate Hits Milestone: 25 Years Of Decline.

15. ‘Everyone Deserves Love And Respect’: Police Officer Has Lunch With Homeless Man.

16. New Food Truck Brings Hope To Louisville’s Homeless.

17. Wife of worker hit by U.S. government shutdown wins Virginia lottery.

18. Kansas City man gets tickets for helping member of Kansas City Chiefs.

19. Elementary school donates car, money to crossing guard.

20. Charitable Woman Is Given Van by Thankful Community.

21. 4th grader honored for ‘heroic’ actions that saved sister.

22. Missouri police officer rescues kitten found on busy highway.

23. Kind-hearted customer gives McDonald’s worker a car after hearing her old one had been written off.

24. Boy who survived brain cancer gets surprise party from Upstate animal shelter he helped.

25. One year after going viral, China’s ‘Ice Boy’ has a new home and warmer school.