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Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Politics, Society | 20 comments

UPDATE: House Severs Guns in Parks from Credit Cards; Must Pass Separately to Move On

Huffington Post reported last night that the U.S. House Rules Committee separated what I call the Sunday in the Park with Guns amendment, which got tacked on via a Senate amendment put forth by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and was approved there, from the credit card reform bill.

You can read the bill here and see that Sec. 512 is the Coburn amendment.  You can also read here the House Rules resolution to split the amendment from the credit card reform bill.

According to the same HuffPo piece, because that bill started in the House, and the Senate didn’t take up its own version, the House version rules.  Meaning that that the removal of the amendment from the House version, by the Rules committee, requires that amendment to now get approval, on its own, in order for it to go to the White House for signature.

This Washington Post article indicates that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is inclined to let that happen (let the amendment go to a vote on its own).

If you want your legislators to know how you feel about a federal law which would allow people with conceal carry permits to bring firearms into national parks, contact your U.S. House representatives now.

UPDATE: If all the House Republicans vote for the amendment, 38 Democratic members will still be needed for it to pass.  If you don’t want concealed carry in Yosemite etc., work to make sure that they don’t get 38 to cross the aisle. If you like the idea of increasing the family friendly nature of our national parks by adding concealed carry, then you still need 38 Dems.