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Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in 2012 Elections, 2016 Elections, At TMV, Breaking News, Economy, Finance, International, Internet, Law, Media, Places, Politics, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 12 comments

Hillary Run Reinforces ‘Quasi-Feudal System’ in America (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland)

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Is it time for Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to stand down and let people from other families run the country? For Gazeta Wyborcza, columnist Mariusz Zawadzki writes that Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch yesterday, contrary to America’s oft-repeated mythology, shows that the ‘everyday Americans’ Hillary Clinton says she wants to help have little or no hope of running for high office or even improving their lot in life. He also criticizes the Clinton’s apparent belief that rules do not apply to her.

For Gazeta Wyborcza, Mariusz Zawadzki lays out why he thinks the Bushes and Clintons should step aside:

“The presidency is not some crown to be passed between two families!,” former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley said recently. He meant, of course, the Bushes and the Clintons who, as seems a really possibility, have governed and will govern the United States from the year 1989 until 2025, excluding an eight-year interruption by Barack Obama.


On Sunday that dark scenario moved a bit closer when Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, officially announced her candidacy in 2016 presidential election. In her steps will soon follow Jeb Bush, brother and son of two former Republican presidents.


O’Malley, though far from objective as he himself is considering becoming a candidate, is undoubtedly correct for many reasons. In recent years much has been said about the growing inequality of the American economy, and how a child from a poor family has less of a chance at social advancement. America increasingly belongs to the millionaires and billionaires. A quasi-feudal system has formed in which the fate of a man and his future position in life are determined at birth. A Bush-Clinton relay would confirm that this unhealthy process is occurring not only in finance but politics as well.


To my surprise, Americans, at least those supporting the Democrats, don’t seem to mind. It would be quite a sensation if someone else won the party nomination (things look completely different on the Republican side, where Bush will have a much harder path, with his most dangerous rival apparently Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker).


I have to admit to a personal bias here, as I do not understand the reasons for Mrs. Clinton’s dominance. The fact that she is a woman seems like a considerable advantage in the face of more than 200 years of male rule in the White House. However, as asserted by the more malicious, to be a woman one must be a human being, whereas Mrs. Clinton sometimes resembles a cyborg in her public appearances.

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