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Posted by on Mar 1, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

Hillary absent from scheduled campaign flight (UPDATED)


The Trail says that, “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has disappeared from the campaign trail, and her campaign plane, with no explanation. Clinton did not show up for this afternoon’s flight from Dallas to Columbus, Ohio, and campaign spokesman Doug Hattaway would not elaborate on the reason or her whereabouts.”

Hmmm. Any ideas? Check out the comments at that thread – some interesting suggestions.

From the article itself:

“It’s nothing bad,” Hattaway said on board the plane. He added that the press corps would see Clinton on Sunday.

She disappeared in similar fashion Feb. 7, when, it was later revealed, she had flown to North Carolina to meet with former rival John Edwards.

As the campaign turns…

UPDATE: There is is informed speculation she’ll be on Saturday Night Live:

Days before a crucial set of primaries, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to make a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live tonight, an entertainment industry source tells CNN.

A spokesman for Saturday Night Live would not confirm the appearance, saying only, “It’s a live show, anything can happen”

Clinton did not arrive for a campaign charter flight from Dallas to Columbus, Ohio Saturday evening. The campaign would not say where she was.

Democratic candidate Barack Obama appeared on Saturday Night Live unannounced around Halloween, and GOP candidate Mike Huckabee did a bit on the show’s Weekend Update last Saturday. Clinton is also scheduled to appear on John Stewart’s “Daily Show” Monday, on the eve of voting in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont.