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Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, Society, War | 0 comments

Hillary a ‘Bigger Liar’ than Condoleezza: The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Is America so unreliable and does it have such a long history of lies and deception, that Pakistan leaders should dismiss out of hand U.S. offers of aid and its professed desire for greater cooperation?

Stretching language to the limit to express boiling outrage and exasperation with U.S. claims that Pakistan is harboring terrorists like Osama bin Laden, this Frontier Post editorial says in small part:

Although Pakistanis are inherently religious-minded, neither extremism nor militancy has been part of this. It was the United States and its cohorts who introduced our predominantly-moderate polity to such horrid phenomenon, when we fought a proxy war against the Soviet invaders of Afghanistan. Apart from corralling hordes of zealots from all over the world and disgorging them in Pakistan to send them on to Afghanistan’s battlefields, the CIA unloaded bagfuls of greenbacks and petrodollars in Pakistan to create radical fanatics. They called them “mujahideen” who were recruited to fight the proxy war, which they fondly labeled the “Afghan Jihad,” The creation of this lethal concoction in which they had such a big hand, and which they abandoned the moment the Soviets retreated, has become a painful albatross around the neck of this country’s still-predominantly moderate polity.

Now Hillary Clinton is pouring barrels of oil on the fire with her false talk of Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan and her threats of dire consequences if a terrorist strike on America is traced to this country. Indeed, she’s turning out to be a bigger liar, a more malignant truth-twister, and a greater diabolical chicaner than her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice. Her act stinks, her talk stinks; she is all posturing. Although Pakistan’s leadership and establishment may be slavishly dancing to her abominable tune, the people of this country aren’t the least bit amused. They are boiling in anger over her posturing and outrageous outpourings. They are as deeply incensed at her straight-faced lies and nonchalant threats as they are with the overall act of the Obama Administration, which is making Pakistan pay the price for their spurious war in Afghanistan, while letting India reap all the benefits at Pakistan’s expense.

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