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Posted by on Nov 21, 2010 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics | 0 comments

Has Bristol Palin ruined ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

The debate is raging: Has Bristol Palin ruined ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Is she getting votes not because of her dancing but because supporters of Sarah Palin and Tea Party movement supporters want to give her a political victory because of who she is and who her mother is? And if that’s the case what does it mean for this model of TV? Is that good — or bad?

For a moment — just for a second now — let’s forgo looking at political blogs that look at this in political terms (and are usually predictable in how they will react to this story or nonstory). Or blog comments (in posting a mere link to this story recently someone accused yours truly of attacking the Palin children. SIGH..)

There is an interesting show biz issue here. Will it help this popular show, the producers and the network? Hurt? What does it say about the model of reality TV where people can call in and vote?

And for that discussion GO HERE for an excellent roundup
that is (blissfully) free of predictable political blog and political blog comments partisan and ideological hackery but looks at this as a show biz and entertainment story.