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Posted by on Jan 14, 2007 in Arts & Entertainment | 28 comments

Guess What Blog MSNBC’S Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Like? (UPDATED)

joe_horses_ass03.jpgNo, it isn’t The Moderate Voice, although he may not be happy with the picture at left. We got it off the Internet. (It IS NOT of Tucker Carlson and we are not saying it is. It’s not dancing.).

Once upon a time there was a clerk in a video store. He rented some movies to a famous cable talk show host and then he posted a few things about his encounter on his blog.

Then, his life changed, he lost his job and suddenly he says lawyers are asking about him. The star denies they’re his lawyers.

PS: He doesn’t have the money, fame or connections like the cable star does. So even if the details don’t totally pan out, yes, it is does seem to be David and Goliath. You may believe David or Goliath since there’s too much of a gap in stories for both to be correct. And does the blogger expect people to believe these words would ever pass Tucker Carlson’s lips:”‘If you keep this [expletive] up, I will [expletive] destroy you.’ ” Who ever uses the word “expletive?” Still, in this case, at end of the day, David lost his job and Goliath still gets a nice paycheck.

Read it yourself and make your OWN decision about what happened, why David is looking for a job, and which version sounds more plausible. Did the blogger cross the line in what he wrote? Was it threatening in this day when there are more nuts out there than nuts sold in bulk at Costco? Here’s the blog. You can scroll down or just look at this important summary post and this post.

And if Tucker’s reading this (even though this isn’t on a teleprompter we understand he Googles a lot): we want to assure him we’re not “dissing him.” In fact, we’ll offer our readers the You Tube below so they can watch him in a physical song and dance:

And if the blogger’s reading this, we want to assure you that we’re not dissing you, either — so we’re adding your blog now to our blogroll under Other Voices. Note that we haven’t figured out how to put our expletive blogroll in alphabetical order so right now you’re towards the bottom of the list (sort of like where Tucker is in the ratings).

UPDATE I: A blogger who knows “Chuckles” (the ex-video store employee and blogger) gives his take on it.

UPDATEII: Some others are commenting on this — and some DON’T agree at all with yt (yours truly). BE SURE TO READ THEM because you may agree with them and the points they make:
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