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Posted by on Oct 8, 2016 in Politics, Women | 0 comments

Dear Daughters of Our World


My dearlings… in case your mother, grandmother did not lay it out clearly…

Beware the candythrowers in troubled times. Beware when you feel beaten down and one suddenly appears promising to lift you up and how lucky they are to have found you, and how precious you are, and how much you deserve to be treated like a queen.

Today, we see an example of this vile lure and table turning. Not that we havent seen it before: Packwood, Schwartzenegger, now it appears Cosby, but though two of those held office, none were running for president of the United States of America, our mind, body, face, soul and spirit toward the greater world.

Thus, today we hear of a behind the scenes convo of ‘a Bluebeard aboard a bus’– meaning a convo re Donald Trump talking candidly with his ongoing vulgarities spewing about women whom he wants to devour, but despises for rebuking or rejecting him. In the recording, he is a newly married man [to third wife, now the 46 year old Melania] who is speaking with his guard down, to a giggling man who is interviewing Trumpenbeard.


The old tale of Bluebeard is that of a man of deliberate and planned out malice who seeks a village in disarray, wherein some are impoverished and others who are headspersons are fighting with one another.

Bluebeard slips into the gap as faux savior, with honeyed promises and bellowing about saving the innocent and wronged.

His real agenda is to vampirize the innocent, to literally steal their souls and leave them lying in their own blood of despair and disappointment while Vampirebeard travels on to the next naive village, to use their gratitude to live on, while he lies and prevaricates his way across the landscape, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, former consigliaris, helpers, objects of his former lusts.

To recognize a Bluebeard, even if one were a young or naive male of female, beware when you are feeling poorly about yourself. THAT condition is precisely what predators seek out. And they do not show up in horns. Their cloven hooves are hidden often in shoes.

They show up charming, attentive, overly complimentary, all made up in cosmetics and false-face, keeping their promises… until… you are hooked. Meaning that one can barely believe this person is promising to take care of you strongly, wanting to make all wrongs in your life, right, for you are so deserving.

You ARE deserving. But here is the catch. Bluebeard is a vampire who does not have enough blood to stay alive all by himself. He is easily depressed. Thereby he siphons off other people’s energies, energies that make him come alive in ways he cannot live for himself.

Bluebeards need your blood, your energy, your cheering, your yes-manning him, your resources, your money, your work product, your fawning attention, your forgiveness over and over and over.

How to extinct a Bluebeard? Put them out of business? Expose their lies. Give them no quarter. Give them no praise, no attention. Forgive if you wish, but do not ever forget. Do not believe their claims of developing a true heart. Do not believe their sob stories nor their promises of transformation. Do not give shelter to their claims of blaming others. Do not allow denial denial denial of wrongful actions and words, do not take credit for their vile and evil behaviors being ‘all your fault,’… that your upset is just a sidetrip, that you are really loved, meaning you are being poisoned by lies daily.

Plan your escape if you are trapped in Bluebeard’s castle. Tell another wise person and cleave to those who are friends to your soul, despite all other matters.

If you are not yet trapped, excuse yourself from the situation. In other words, run like the wind… away. Sever completely, rather than trying it all out ‘one more time’ in drips and drabs that weaken and weaken you not to mention break your heart to shatters.

Spiritual, emotional assault, bodily and sexual assault, and other ways of harming, are not acceptable, not even when you feel poorly. You were not made to be a blood donor for those who cannot live for themselves. You were made to be a gift to our Earth. Take care first and foremost of the Gift. That is truly who you are.

Remember Bluebeard, Trumpenbeard types cruise into vulnerable people’s lives on praise and sympathy. Once you are hooked, they turn, first denigrating and mocking others. Eventually denigrating and mocking you. You are made precious and for far greater, meaning those who are your true and tested friends, rather than mockers of your true self.

And remember, just because a prevaricator offers you poop on a plate saying it is chocolate, doesnt mean you are obliged to enter the prevaricator’s fantasies.

Call it what it is. And, travel onward.

Dont stay with one who keeps you from traveling with persons who truly are decent in heart and soul…. and who see clearly… above all, who see clearly.