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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Education, Health | 0 comments

For The Refugees, Then and Now Who were called “repatriated” when in fact they were ethnically cleansed

The hidden history of WWII, and more recently Kosovo is gravely mis-stated. I collect images of those who tried to survive in near impossible circumstances of no food, not even a bandage, no privacy for their bodies, no ability to speak out without literally being shot to death on the spot. And even NOT speaking out, being taken to a mass grave site and shot anyway.

Let us pray for all those of our world who are walking this path today. There are millions. And meanwhile let us not let the petty pass for the far more deadly monumental and egregious human rights violations of our worlds.

Today would be a good day to contribute to the human rights protective organizations of our choice. Every day would be so.

This little one is being reunited with his father, held in separate camp corrals. The father wanted to hold his child one more time, not knowing what was to come next.