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Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in International, Media, Places, Politics, Religion, War | 0 comments

For Sake of the Terror Fight, Anti-Americanism Must End: Gazeta, Russia

The terrorist attack against the Moscow Metro has triggered some soul-searching about the Kremlin’s habit of blaming the U.S. and the West for all of Russia’s ills. According to this editorial from Russia’s Gazeta newspaper, the renewed battle against terrorism means that Russia needs Western friends and allies too badly to allow this habit to continue.

The Gazeta editorial says in part:

Propaganda of the hard anti-Western kind long ago brought its result: a majority of Russians see the West as an enemy which, led by the U.S., initially destroyed the USSR, and now would like to bring Russia to the same condition.

Islamic terrorists, opposition political groups, “wrong” media outlets, and finally, the hucksters selling out Russia – they all merge in the eyes of the average person into a single united army, lead by the U.S. CIA and its British associates against Russia.

With good humor and on the eve of April 1st, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center reports on a respondent who considers Barack Obama a “well-known leader of Chechen militants.”

False targets set by anti-Western rhetoric, before a country that stands in the midst of a very real battle with terrorism, are dangerous, not only because they alienate us from potential allies, but because they directly weaken and blind us.

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