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Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in International, Media, Places, Science & Technology, Travel | 8 comments

Flight MH370: Finally, a Plausible Theory

Malaysia location map

While the reports, theories, speculation and just plain rumors surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continue, I finally have come across a reasonable, simple, non-conspiratorial theory that might well explain (more or less — the writer is not a diviner) what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The writer, Chris Goodfellow, a Canadian Class-1 instrumented-rated pilot for multi-engine planes with 20 years experience knows what he is talking about.

Please click for this must-read article here, but before you do, go to Google Earth and type in Pulau Langkawi — you will need it — or simply click here and you will see a nice, long 13,000-foot runway at Pulau Langkawi on an island just West of the Malaysia-Thailand border. Then expand the Google map until the now-famous point between Malaysia and Vietnam appears (see the map above) where the Boeing 777 is said to have made a sharp left (southwestward) turn and read on. It will all begin to make sense.

The tragedy may still unfold in different and unexpected ways, but until it does, I’ll hang my former crewmember hat on this theory.


Below, a description of the U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon that continues to support Search and Recovery operations for the missing aircraft. (U.S. Navy)


Edited to correct Thailand to Vietnam