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Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Society, War | 0 comments

Finally – Latin America Achieves ‘True Unity, Free of Imperlialism’ (Aporrea, Venezuela)

Will the newly-launched Community of Latin American and Caribbean States end up displacing the Washington-based Organization of American States, as Venezuela President Hugo Chavez hopes, or will it fizzle out as so many previous attempts at Latin American unification have done? Columnist Nelson Ortega from Venezuela’s Aporrea is certain that the formation of CELAC is the culmination of Simon Bolivar’s dream of a unified Latin America – free of Yankee influence.

In classic style for Aporrea, columnist Nelson Ortega starts out this way:

Despite efforts to create tension between Colombia and Venezuela over recent weeks, the alliance of international right-wing forces with ex-Colombia President Álvaro Uribe and the constant international corporate media campaign to minimize the importance of achieving true Latin American and Caribbean union, the reality is striking: 33 Latin American and Caribbean nations affirmed their unity at the first summit of CELAC [the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States]. With this they declared their sovereignty and regional independence, which has been overshadowed and strongly marked by the United States and Canada, reaching, in other words, true unity free of imperialism.

Without doubt, the quest for liberation and independence begun by our national heroes to free us from European colonialism two centuries ago has been baptized with the birth of this regional organization that brings to life the dream of Simon Bolívar. President Chávez, with great energy, conviction, humility and emotion, has brought it into being, and today we have to thank him and those who decided to accompany him in his fight for liberty. Not only have our progressive leaders been able to arrest the logic of neoliberalism and oppression; they have also consolidated a political block that will be difficult to break.

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