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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Health, International, Law, Media, Politics, War | 0 comments

Ex-Governor Calls Charges He Worked with Drug Cartels a ‘Desperate’ Campaign Stunt (El Universal, Mexico)

The Mexico presidential campaign is heating up – and the U.S., one way or another, is a central focus of attention. According to this news item from Mexico’s El Universal, Tomás Yarrington, the former governor of Tamaulipas, a state that abuts Texas, is being accused of protecting the notorious Gulf Cartel, taking millions in bribes, laundering his ill-gotten gain in both Mexico and the U.S., and investing in Texas real estate with some of it. Yarrington denies everything, including that his predecessor was involved in the Texas investments, and charged the government of politicizing the Attorney General’s Office to smear the opposition and boost the prospects of ruling party candidate Josefina Vazquez Mota.

The El Universal news item quotes Yarrington, who is being accused with at least one of his predecessors as governor, as saying:

“What is happening now is what has been expected for months or years: that the government of the Republic was going to try and influence the outcome of the campaign by seeking to stigmatize or mark the PRI as a party of criminals.

“In my persecution, no justice is being sought. My persecution is a deception. I have no connection with organized crime, I have received no bribes nor have I offered protection to any criminal, nor have I been involved with money laundering activities, nor do I have any real estate in Texas. What has been done has to do with an inquiry – a preliminary inquiry in 2009 against three former PRI governors, which was designed to win time and make sure that the Attorney General’s Office serves the electoral interests of the presidency and his party.

“In their desperation to aid Josefina Vazquez Mota [the ruling PRI candidate], they are slandering and harming people and companies in the state of Tamaulipas.”

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