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Posted by on Feb 3, 2018 in Bigotry, Immigration, Poetry, Politics, Scandals | 0 comments

An All-Encompassing ‘Little’ Poem

As I have often mentioned – and shared his poems with you – I have a friend who…

Can say in one verse, or stanza
The truth in abbondanza
Give him an entire poem to compose
And he will of all issues dispose

Well, that takes care of my poetic prowess – even had to resort to a foreign language to make things rhyme.

Not so with my friend, “the poet,” who in a few stanzas can cover every aspect of the current political waterfront (wasteland is a better word):

Foreign policy, trade, free press, climate change, Russia (interference in our elections, collusion, obstruction of justice), immigration, border security (that big, beautiful wall Mexico is going to pay for), our taxes, “his” income taxes, infrastructure, regulations, dishonesty, nepotism, hypocrisy, boorishness, corruption, moral turpitude, (un)patriotism…it is all there, in one 577-word little poem:

Trump and I have different points of view
Here are just some that I offer to you

I think Guantanamo should go
But Trump keeps saying no
To leave the TPP was in my eyes a bad play
But Trump just signed it away

From what I read, NAFTA is a win-win
But Trump says it’s unfair and we shouldn’t be in
I thought Obama care wasn’t perfect but overall fair
But Trump said he’d cancel it for a better plan: but nothing is there

I believe recognizing Jerusalem wasn’t the best peacemaking way
But Trump did it anyway
I supported the Paris Climate Accord
But Trump said the USA just couldn’t afford

I could accept a cut in corporate tax: but the rich should pay their fair shares
But Trump has just slashed and burned: the cuts are good for the rich and their heirs
I believe in the free press’s mandate to uncover the truth and critique those at the top
But Trump just calls it “fake news”: except for his ideologue friends at Fox

I believed the Russians did meddle in the election and await every detail
But Trump does his best to distract the process: he wants it to fail
I believe in the security of our borders and we have systems in place
But Trump wants his beautiful Wall: but it’s never going to make us perfectly safe

I believe regulations should be fair and be in place for our protection
But Trump just lets everyone do as they please: I feel we need a correction
I believe the USA needs infrastructure up-grades: like Ike did and gas taxes he did raise
But Trump just talks of privatizing all with little government funds in: as a first phase

I believe in respecting the President: I want an honest one for whom to be proud
But Trump rattles on: brags, lies, insults and blames others: so, I boo him out loud
I believe the USA needs an effective executive to keep the government running smoothly
But Trump just bumbles chaotically along: he confuses his staff: he handles them rudely

I believe experienced diplomats should handle foreign policy: with an adult at top
But Trump has cleaned out the house: he erratically dictates policies in starts and stops
I believe immigrants strengthen our nation: we should have their talent and energy at play
But Trump has thrown the whole system into disarray: his clear message is: stay away!

I believe America should speak with one voice: otherwise repercussions can be stark
But Trump has no messaging discipline: it’s early morning tweets and off-script remarks
I believe he should release his tax returns as promised: it would be a move real sane
But Trump has not: so, suspicions of money laundering and outside influence remain

I believe his nepotism and non-divesting his business interests smells to me unfair
But Trump still benefits from his private empire: clearly there’s something illegal there
Finally, I believe he’s not a true Evangelical: despite his anti-abortion stands and such
But Trump, despite multiple violations of moral turpitude: just continues to say as much

I believe his vicious attacks on American institutions like the FBI are unpatriotic
But Trump just increases their severity as he circles his wagons with words toxic
I believe at the end of the day, Trump will dig his own grave
But Trump just huffs and puffs: his troubles are real: they won’t go away

Image credit: tamara_cox1