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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

Empty Platitudes – Romney At The VFW Convention

The Romneybot spoke to the crowd at the VFW convention today.  More empty platitudes and criticism of Obama. It reminds me of my favorite lines from the 1923 novel, by one of the best wordsmiths Aldous Huxley, Antic Hay, where the main character finds himself “floundering in a quagmire of hypocritical platitudes” – that’s Romney’s life story.   Daniel Larison:

It was mostly a pastiche of the usual baseless complaints and a handful of bad policy ideas. Remarkably, Romney chose this venue to revisit his Venezuela alarmism and the worn-out criticism of Obama’s response to the Green movement protests. These are two of the most discredited objections he could have repeated. On a more substantive note, he said that he would demand that Iran cease all enrichment, which is a demand designed to be rejected by the Iranians. That re-confirms that he has no interest in pursuing a negotiated solution.

I listened to the speech and the thing that struck me was while there was applause it was subdued. Larison again:

Judging from the applause he received during the speech, the convention audience was similarly underwhelmed by a lot of what he had to say. The applause that he did receive was polite, but not especially enthusiastic. Romney delivered the entire speech in that strained, almost incredulous-sounding tone he uses when he wants to convey emotion.

This is how I saw it too.  Obama got a better reception.  Perhaps it’s because Romney always comes off as phony or maybe even the VFW is tired of endless war which is the neocon line Romney is pushing.

Romney is taking off on his foreign tour to prove his foreign policy skills.  I predict it will be a disaster.