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Posted by on May 16, 2008 in At TMV | 0 comments

Elections 2008: Bridge


The Republicans seem at present, to be burning bridges between themselves regarding Senator McCain’s candidacy, while the Democrats seem to be beginning at least to talk about building bridges.

But to build a bridge isnt enough. Leaders can destroy their own groups by not having enough genuine earthy experience on the ground, by not being able to bring bold but effective solutions to longstanding problems, and by failing to have an accurate arial view of the ‘big picture.’ A leader needs all. In some semblance of balance.

Maybe that’s why the word “bridge” has at least three meanings, all of them visionary:

–to bridge: to connect one side to the other, one person to another, one group to another, to bond.

–a bridge: a structure that gives passage through or over that which was impossible or treacherous to pass over or through before.

— the bridge: the elevated platform on a ship from which the captain surveys the entire waters and weather ahead and directs which way best to go.

This is a picture of a huge and beautiful bridge on a new road connecting Paris and Barcelona. It is the highest bridge in the world for now. It is said the engineers made the cambre of the bridge’s roadbed curved to a certain degree …to keep drivers from ‘veering’ or becoming dizzy …as many humans are wont to do when holding high office, I mean, driving on an elevated road… or as when some people experience slight vertigo too, when they stand on a pier with moving water below.